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Error deploying compat.browser file


First of all, cool project I must say! Nice work!
I have currently a problem when I deploy this to a server farm containing 3 servers where 2 of them are web front ends. When I activate the web application feature it only executes the job on the central admin server and not the 2 front ends. I think the problem might be when the job registers it is registred with SPJobLockTyp.ContentDatabase. It seems like when changing to SPJobLockTyp.None it executes on all front end servers in the farm and the compat browser file gets updated for the selected web application. This is all in the constructor for the class GetSharePointToValidate.DeploymentJobs.ModifierCompatBrowerJobs (highlighted with bold red color here below)
public ModifierCompatBrowerJobs(string JobName, SPWebApplication WebApplication) : base(JobName, WebApplication, null, SPJobLockType.ContentDatabase) { this.Title = "Modifier the compat.brower"; }Can this be confirmed as a bug maybe?
Regards,Tony - Coordinator SPVisualDev project


AndersDissing wrote Sep 8, 2009 at 6:57 PM

Hey Tony
Thanks for the input, the new release I added today I change the SPJobLockType to None. Please try and give som feedback on it

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